Like love, sunshine has a powerful effect. It does some strange things. It dares you. It tempts you. It coerces you to do things you normally would not do. To get up a little earlier. To stay out a little later. To let go of life’s tethers and lose yourself in the rays. Freely. Without guilt. But, if you’ve ever given into temptation. If you’ve ever returned from your fishing trip a couple hours late. Or had to explain to your boss how your 102 degree fever got you a 360 degree tan, you can always count on sunshine to take the heat. So when you’re searching for an alibi, or an explanation for the unexplainable, if you're asked why you act so uncharacteristically, just do what we do down in Florida. Let sunshine take the blame. Must be the sunshine. 

My Role:
Art Direction, Design
Case Study
Oh the things parents will do to put smiles on their children’s faces. In this story, souvenirs are evidence of epic fun. And, ultimately, what parents end up saying, “yes” to. In Sunshine, that’s just about everything.
My team and I redesigned as a site to inspire Florida travel ideas. Using an image-based grid layout and inspirational tags, rather than standard navigation, allows the user to navigate the site more organically, and come across more content they may not have thought of looking for.
We created multiple homepages specific to the partner or interest area. The structure of each page remained the same, but the photography and tags in the search field were customized to each page theme.
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