As an extension of POM Wonderful's Crazy Healthy campaign, we created a digital campaign that was both entertaining and educational. We set out to achieve these three goals:

1. To inspire people to switch to healthy habits.
2. To educate consumers on the variety of health benefits from the POM family of products.
3. To educate new consumers on pomegranates as fruit. (many people are unfamiliar with it).

We spent a considerable amount of time studying the pomegranates and its benefits, so we could then be able to translate that information into digestible bits for our social channels. In the execution of the creative we were very mindful to stay true to our target audience and their preferences. 

The Results: 
A rich library of smart, helpful, and compelling imagery and video. In any given month, we would post a mix of shots from our orchards, tips and tricks on preserving the fruit, lesser-known health facts, healthy recipes by renowned chefs, and motivational fitness challenges.

My Role:
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Retouching
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